AI Governance Fellowship

AI Governance Fellowship

What is the AI Governance Fellowship?

The AI governance fellowship has been developed to provide a solid foundation to stand on for junior policy makers and aspiring policy professionals, who are intent on contributing to the field of AI governance.

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Key parts of the program

You will be matched with a mentor to pursue an "Impact Project" of your choosing over an 8-week period. This project is aimed to further your understanding of the field and allow you to explore to topics that interest you. You will be provided with a mentor and resources to support your work, such as a grant. The best projects will be provided with an additional grant at the end of this period to enable further exploration.

Those who successfully submit an Impact Projects will be invited to join a trip to a seat of power, such as Washington DC, Brussels, or similar, where we will get to know each other better, meet people working within the field, present our projects and have a fair for discovering future opportunities.

We have designed the program to be compatible with full time work, but expect you to devote 3-8 hours per week.

Who should apply?

The fellowship is primarily aimed at

  • People who have a basic to intermediate understanding of the field of AI governance.
  • People currently working as policy professionals or are aspiring to be future policy professionals.

The program is fairly malleable, so we believe we can cater it to specific needs for particularly interesting candidates. If you are unsure whether you are a good fit, please reach out to us at

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