Impact Academy Fund

Aside from our capacity-building programs, Impact Academy seeks to create impact by funding other effective attempts to do good.

We have two main funding programs - the Impact Academy Fellow Fund and the Impact Academy Meta Fund.


Impact Academy Fellow Fund

As a fellow on an Impact Academy program, you can apply for individual development grants and grants for non-profit projects directly from Impact Academy. Grantees are selected based on whether they will likely have effective impact, directly or indirectly.

As a fellow, you will receive more information about the specifics of these grants when in one of our programs. (You can also apply for investments in for-profit startups through our partnership with angel investors.)

Impact Academy Community Fund

We support people and projects (not only fellows) who aim to grow the community of people interested in improving the long-term future, using effective interventions.

We focus specifically on projects led by or aimed at overlooked talent or people who don’t currently have many ways to enter relevant intellectual communities (e.g. they are located in areas where there are not high concentrations of people motivated by longtermism or the principles of effective altruism).

We are part of Meta Charity Funders and currently focus on applications received through that channel. However, if you have an idea that you think we might be interested in but that is outside the scope of Meta Charity Funders, please contact us at